Let Me show You how to save thousands on your next vehicle purchase

Everyday consumers are taken advantage of by unscrupulous car dealerships just trying to make as much money as they possibly can on each person they see. In my easy to read guide “The Dark Side: Secrets the Used Car Dealer Don’t Want You to Know” I give you an easy to follow road map to saving thousands on your next vehicle. 

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Blowing the Whistle Tour

4 Hours of Hands on Training Show You the Exact Step to Dominate the Car Buying Experience

Join us for this 4 hour live event where I bring in local experts to help you understand the best ways to maximize your car buying experience. We will cover some of our most popular topics such as: 


Why Women & Minorities Need to be Careful When Buying a Car


Why Dealers Don’t Want You to Know Your Credit Score


You Are Actually the One in Charge When Buying a Car


How You Can ALWAYS Put Zero Money Down on Your New Car

It’s Time to Learn the Truth About Car Dealers and How to Save Thousands of Dollars on a Vehicle

If you’re in the market for a new or used car or soon to be in the market, you don’t want to miss this 4 Hour power-packed informational seminar. This life-changing seminar is presented by Best Selling Author and #1 Booklet, “THE DARK SIDE – Secrets of the Used Car Dealers Don’t Want You To Know “Deric Dandridge.

Some of the Critical Information You Will Learn at the

Blowing the Whistle Tour & Seminar

  • Why Women & Minorities Need to be Careful When Buying a Car
  • How and Why You Will be Rewarded for Your Research
  • Why Dealers Don’t Want You to Know Your Credit Score
  • Learn Why Sometimes You Just Need to Walk Away
  • The Always Important CarFax Report and How to Use it
  • You Are Actually the One in Charge When Buying a Car
  • Dissecting Your Monthly Payments and What to Look for in a Loan
  • How You Can ALWAYS Put Zero Money Down on Your New Car
  • Don’t Let the Dealer Steal Your Trade and How to Maximize Your Asset
  • And SO Much more!

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Learn More About Me!

Deric M. Dandridge has built his entire career on that quote. A goal-driven entrepreneur, Deric approaches each challenge with “a can’t hold me down” spirit. Deric realized he had a knack for business at a very young age, setting up an office in his bedroom when he was just 8 years old. By the time he was 17 years old, he saved enough money and had enough savvy to purchase his first home (a fixer upper).

Deric’s knack for business and unbridled independence are what led him to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. However, it was Deric’s gift of cutting hair that compelled him to open his own barbershop in 1986. In 1991, he opened a women’s hair salon promoting healthy hair care. Deric sustained more than 15 years of success in the hair business until the reality of having no formal business education caught up with him.

A few ill-advised business deals lead to financial difficulty for Deric. But instead of giving up on his lifelong dream of being self-employed he decided to educate himself on finance, debt management, and credit repair. Through his research and dedication, Deric was able to understand how he had gotten into his situation and more importantly, how to get himself out of it.

Deric eventually regained his financial footing and along his journey, he became inspired to help others in situations similar to the one he had freed himself from. In 2000, Deric decided to leave the hair business and start his own credit repair company operating offices in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware and Atlanta.

Let Me Take the Stress Out of the Car Buying Process

Let me personally guide you on how you can save thousands of dollars your next vehicle. You can buy my easy to read book or join me LIVE at an event near you. You don’t want to miss this life changing event that can take the stress out of the car buying process. 

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Learn The Truth About

The Dark Side

Secrets Used Car Dealers Don’t Want You to Know!


In this informational book, you will get professional advice from an experienced veteran with over 2 Decades of experience in car sales, credit, and finance. The tools and wisdom imparted in this book can forever change your life and the way you buy your next car.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Reviews & Testimonials

Kenneth Jarman

This little book by Deric Dandridge has some great insider information for consumers interested in saving themselves from nightmare car buying experiences. Next time you go shopping for a car, don’t leave home without it!

R. Wilson

Your booklet with these secrets was “right on time.” I am tired of salesmen taking advantage of females buying cars. It was a quick read and now I am ready to utilize the information that you unleashed.

Ken Martin

You don’t want to get ripped-off.  but most of us will be victims of the sales guy whether we like it or not.  So at least prepare yourself, and know what you should avoid and ask for. This little book will do that for you.  Being educated before you make that purchase is always the best way to proceed.

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